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National Digital strategy to pave the way to harness digitization for prosperity – Mathe

National Digital strategy to pave the way to harness digitization for prosperity – Mathe

The Executive Director in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Dr Audrin Mathe this week expressed enthusiasm and outlined the significance of the nation’s forthcoming digital trajectory.

He highlighted this while addressing attendees at the National Digital Strategy Workshop in Windhoek.

The National Digital Strategy and its Implementation Action Plan support the country’s digital aspirations through a clear plan with specific objectives that include assessing digital readiness; crafting a digital vision; targeting high-impact areas; developing an concrete action plan and boosting public awareness.

The benefits of digitization will extend across the nation in the next five years bridging the digital divide while promoting digital literacy and providing access to citizen-centric digital public services. It is anticipated that a formal digitization policy will contribute to greater economic opportunities for all Namibians.

“In crafting a focused vision for our digital future, we are paving the way to harness digitization for prosperity, Mathe said, highlighting the pivotal juncture at which Namibia finds itself in its digital transformation journey.

As explained by Mathe, the essence of the National Digital Strategy is to transform Namibia into a digitally literate, innovative and inclusive society.

This strategic roadmap carefully identifies key pillars crucial for maximizing impact and facilitating comprehensive digital development across diverse sectors and landscapes within Namibia, he noted.

Acknowledging the importance of collaborative efforts, Mathe underscored the Namibian Government’s commitment to achieve a digital future while expressing gratitude for the support received from partners like the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the expertise of Impact Tank and the United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Lab.

“This validation workshop solicits your voice, expertise, and commitment to a digital government. Your insights will ensure that our vision is anchored in reality and that our ambitions are achievable,” he emphasized, adding that the active involvement and collective action of all Namibians will breathe life into the strategy.


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