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FlyNamibia temporarily suspends Lüderitz flights due to safety concerns

FlyNamibia temporarily suspends Lüderitz flights due to safety concerns

FlyNamibia faced a necessity to cancel its planned flights to and from Lüderitz, on Thursday, citing safety concerns.

In an official statement, the airline pointed to unforeseen mechanical issues with a crucial fire-fighting vehicle operated by the Namibia Airports Company (NAC). This vehicle plays a vital role in ensuring passenger safety during airport operations.

“Ensuring safety is our top priority at FlyNamibia, and we are dedicated to complying with all safety regulations and guidelines set by the relevant authorities. According to aviation regulations, airports must have a fully functional fire-fighting vehicle on standby to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew in case of emergencies,” the airline emphasized.

FlyNamibia is actively collaborating with the NAC to promptly address and resolve the mechanical issue.

“The NAC is actively working to rectify the mechanical problems with their fire-fighting vehicle, and we are optimistic that regular flight operations to and from Luderitz Airport will resume as soon as the necessary repairs are completed,” the airline concluded.

The airline’s route, inaugurated in July of the previous year, connects Eros Airport in Windhoek to the Lüderitz, operating on weekdays from Mondays to Fridays. This route has been instrumental in providing numerous travel opportunities for tourists.


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