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Erongo Regional Council reflects on 2023, invites residents to raise concerns

Erongo Regional Council reflects on 2023, invites residents to raise concerns

By Adolf Kaure.

At the last ordinary meeting in Swakopmund of the Erongo Regional Council, the chairperson, Hon Benitha Imbamba, said her office has accomplished several notable achievement during 2023. Imbamba reflected on the council’s activities, highlighting the most notable events of the year.

“During 2023, we managed to complete the Uis Office Project. We also officially inaugurated the Wlotzkasbaken Substation office and started with the Omatjete pipeline,” she said.

The chairperson stated that road safety is one the developmental issues which residents need to address during the festive season. “Road safety during this season is a huge concern. I would therefore urge the residents and the visitors of this region to take caution on the road. Do not speed and make sure that when you travel that your vehicles are in good working condition.

She also urged the region’s residents to ensure that the environment is well taken care of. “I would urge all of us to be mindful of our beautiful habitat and when going on nature excursions, to adhere to the rules of the region and not litter.”

“We have endangered species in this region more especially in the Dorob Park National Park in the Erongo Region. Do not use unmarked road,” said Imbamba.

The chairperson also promised that the Erongo Regional Council has vowed to improve its service delivery to all residents of the region.

“Customer feedback is very important to any development. We at the Erongo Regional Council is adamant to improve our service delivery. It is therefore important that we receive feedback from customers,” she said. The region’s residents are encouraged to visit the council website and launch their feedback, including criticism where the council must improve.

“We can only improve on our service delivery with your esteemed support and guidance.”

Suggestion boxes are available at the council office and at government institutions across the region for residents to voice their concerns.


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