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Digital passport for Africans within African countries and beyond

Digital passport for Africans within African countries and beyond

By Dr. Favour Ayodele
Founder, VisionAfric.

At VisionAfric our visionary thematic interest for the United Nations of Africa (UNA) is to address, propose, and establish core fundamental values of Africa as a strategic advanced integration of purpose-driven solutions which is the ‘African Digital Passport’ (ADP).

So, it is relatively important to let the world understand what VisionAfrc means by (ADP). The initiation and propagation of the unification name for the Africa we want, which is the ‘United Nations of Africa’, which is significant to both economic transformation and the geo-integration value of Africa in all ramifications.

Importantly, we must note that the current wave of global job provisions, settlement, business, trade, investment, environmental sustainability, resource capital, talent hunts, and other expedient factors have been advancing the world by the contribution of African new immigration re-engineering and practical sustainable intervention.

The world’s economic policies have gained stupendous benefits through African immigrants, though black Africans are still at the mercy of their ugly experiences. VisionAfric is introducing the African Digital Passport, with free E-Visa within African communities and beyond. To be used as a new immigration intervention, policy, to eradicate paper passport, paper visa stamp, struggle at the Embassy area, accidental damage of visa, passport and visa forgery, illegal visa application process, illegal visa agents and agencies, illegal African detainees at the airport.

African Digital Passport (ADP) is a synchronized data identity electronic and transparent plastic card with fundamental digital features such as social security number, recipient personal and family information, passport photograph, fingerprints, and visa category codes, and can be used as a seamless travel document to any part of the world.

We, therefore, propose this sustainable immigration digital and social security intervention to African leaders and governments as a way forward against unfavourable immigration policies on Africans within African countries and beyond for the UNA. VisionAfric is open to collaboration to advance this initiative. The unification of Africa and Africans is possible. Africa is Home.


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