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Two Namibians graduate from MultiChoice Talent Factory

Two Namibians graduate from MultiChoice Talent Factory

Romeo Urikeraka and Tekla Nakale are the successful graduates from Namibia in the Class of 2023 at the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF). They recently received their honours at a graduation ceremony in Lusaka, Zambia.

The Talent Factory is a shared-value training programme launched by MultiChoice to develop the next generation of African storytellers in response to the increasing need for more quality local African content.

Urikeraka said being at MTF was an eye opener, because he was amongst the best of the best in the industry, including people like Neil McCarthy who taught us the beauty of scriptwriting. “While in Zambia, I contributed to several productions including the Zambian series, Mpali. I was in a position where I managed a crew of 50 people and you realize that everyone is dependent on you. It was challenging but exciting.”

Noticing a gap in the Namibian film and television, Urikeraka said that his intention is to contribute to the industry while sharing his newly acquired skills with those he will work with.

Nakale felt like she evolved compared to when she first started at the Talent Factory. “I knew where my strength was and we started with what I was good at, scriptwriting. But eventually I started taking an interest in directing and producing,” she added.

She described being part of the MTF family as life changing. “I learnt that filming is about more than just being creative, it is a business and requires teamwork. You are dealing with different types of personalities, so you need the right people skills,”she said.

MultiChoice Namibia Managing Director, Roger Gertze congratulated the MTF alumi for their dedication and commitment to the programme. “We wish them success as they further their careers in the Namibian TV and film industry,” he added.

MTF Southern African Academy Director, Christopher Puta thanked this year’s graduates for their dedication and commitment to the course. “I also look forward to seeing the work they go on to produce as they further their careers in the industry. During the programme, they have shown incredible talent. Now it is time for them to go out and apply that talent for the benefit of the entertainment industry in southern Africa and across the continent,” he said.

The MTF Southern Africa Academy in Lusaka is playing an important role in developing the industry in the region, ensuring it is sustainable and providing a pipeline of talent for local production. “MTF is a collaborative platform of our sector to develop talent. It is helping to build the future of southern Africa’s film and TV industry,” said MultiChoice Southern Africa Regional Director, Kemi Omotosho.

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