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Namibia looking to expand and diversify its areas of cooperation with Brazil

Namibia looking to expand and diversify its areas of cooperation with Brazil

In a bid to expand its partnership under the South-South Cooperation, Namibia is seeking to broaden its scope of collaboration with Brazil, leveraging their past successes in bilateral relations, a government official said this week.

This was underscored by the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, Executive Director, Penda Naanda, during the opening of the 2nd Diplomatic Consultations between the two nations in Windhoek.

The visiting Brazilian delegation, led by Carlos Sergio Sobral Duarte, Secretary for Africa and the Middle East at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, engaged in discussions aimed at diversifying their collaborative efforts.

“Our two governments have shared many successes at the bilateral level,” Naanda noted, adding that the consultations will pave the way for collaboration in different spheres.

Naanda hopes through the discussions, their bilateral relations will continue to expand exponentially in all sectors of life for the mutual benefit of the two countries and peoples.

Duarte meanwhile, said the conditions of developing countries are similar and situations and solutions are often the same.

“We can work together to achieve the best results for these issues and problems that we face. So we see a very large area of commonalities that we can work with,” he added.

Namibia and Brazil share strong cooperation in defense and navy, and more recently in food security through Brazil’s contributions to Namibia through the World Food Programme, to assist in sustainable food security through agricultural projects.


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