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Puma Energy extends warm welcome to visiting tourists

Puma Energy extends warm welcome to visiting tourists

Petroleum and petroleum products wholesaler, Puma Energy has extended a warm welcome to tourists visiting the country, stressing both their safety on the roads and their enjoyment of Namibia’s diverse offerings.

The company’s aim is not only to ensure the safe travels of guests but also to encourage them to explore and experience the beauty of the nation, from its natural landscapes and wildlife to its rich cultural heritage and cuisine.

Adell Samuelson, the General Manager of Puma Energy Namibia, highlighted the company’s commitment to promoting road safety as a crucial aspect of their corporate responsibility. Samuelson stressed the importance of corporate entities actively participating in advocating for and contributing to road safety measures, no matter the scale.

“Our focus on promoting road safety will see a substantial increase in our efforts. Up until now, our engagements were limited to a select few primary schools,” she stated.

The energy company’s guidance for travelers includes a reminder for drivers to take breaks every two hours when navigating Namibia’s extensive road network.

To support this initiative and align with its ethos of ‘Energising Communities,’ Puma Energy Namibia will be offering tourists a complimentary coffee or bottled mineral water at any of its 57 filling stations across the country. This offer will be available from 1 December, until the end of January 2024.

Visitors can easily redeem their free beverage by scanning a QR code displayed at Puma Energy Namibia filling stations using their smartphones, in addition to presenting proof of their passports.

Alongside the complimentary refreshments, the company will provide tourists with maps detailing the locations of all Puma Energy Namibia sites, essential contact information, and highlights of the country’s main tourist attractions. This resource aims to assist guests in planning their itinerary and making the most of their time in Namibia.

Highlighting their commitment to road safety, Puma Energy expressed their plans to introduce a national road safety program. This initiative aims to enhance the safety of children on the roads and equip them with the necessary skills to become responsible road users in the future.

“Building on the success of similar programs in Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, this initiative underlines our dedication to road safety as a vital component of our corporate social responsibility strategy,” they affirmed.

Puma Energy’s comprehensive approach not only underscores its dedication to ensuring the safety of travelers but also showcases its commitment to fostering sustainable and responsible tourism practices in Namibia.


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