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Navigating the future of leadership: Harnessing Gen Z’s potential in Namibia

Navigating the future of leadership: Harnessing Gen Z’s potential in Namibia

By Stephanus Vries, Human Capital Manager, Old Mutual Namibia.

One of the unique qualities that Generation Z has is having grown during the digital era. This in itself provides a unique mix of abilities, principles, and viewpoints that have enormous potential to influence the future of leadership within Namibia. In this thought leadership article, we will examine how to manage Generation Z efficiently and match their skills to the advancement of our country.

Generation Z was born between 1997 and 2012, and as stated earlier grew up in a time of fast technological advancement. They speak on social media, mobile devices, and the internet fluently since they grew up in the digital age. However, they are distinguished by their diversity, entrepreneurial energy, and strong will to succeed in addition to their digital prowess.

To be able to gain their trust in our various organisations we must establish an atmosphere that aligns with Gen Z’s beliefs and aspirations if we are to manage them successfully in our organisations. Four attributes that speak to them are:

1) Leadership with purpose: Generation Z looks for purpose in their job. They are interested in learning more about the organization’s larger goals and how it benefits society.

2) Flexibility and liberty are important to Generation Z members. Encourage free communication and opportunities to own their ideas, which will promote a creative environment.

3) Mentorship and Constant Learning: The desire to advance is what motivates Gen Z. Create mentorship programmes and provide opportunities for continued learning to demonstrate your dedication to your employees’ professional development.

4) Diversity and inclusivity are important to Gen Z, who esteem them highly. It is crucial to develop a culture where everyone, regardless of background, feels heard and valued.

Motivating Gen Z

Gen Z must be motivated in a smart way that suits their preferences. We must recognise their contributions on a regular basis and provide them with constructive criticism. But we must keep in mind, that Generation Z appreciates direction and transparency. To ensure that you keep them motivated three traits that they value are:

1) Utilising Technology: Generation Z is comfortable using digital technologies. Use technology to improve communication inside your company and streamline procedures.

2) Work-Life Balance: Promote a good balance between work and personal life. Employers who recognise that Gen Z prioritises their well-being tend to create loyalty and dedication.

3) Community Engagement: Gen Z is extremely motivated to improve society. Engage your company in community projects to encourage Gen Z employees to get involved and support worthwhile causes.

In Namibia, taking a strategic approach to the future through managing and fostering Generation Z in the workplace is more than just an adaptation. We can leverage the incredible power of Gen Z to spur innovation, prosperity, and positive change in our country by understanding their values, engaging with their goals, and inspiring their potential.

As Namibia’s leaders, we hold the future in our hands, and with Generation Z as our friends, that future is one that offers enormous promise. Together, we can pave the way for a better, more inclusive future.


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