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Amos Meerkat Early Childhood Development receives generous support from FNB

Amos Meerkat Early Childhood Development receives generous support from FNB

The Amos Meerkat Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiative received a substantial boost with a donation of N$500,000 from FNB through the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust, announced during a recent fundraising breakfast in Windhoek.

Revonia Job, the FirstRand Namibia CSI Manager, underscored the pivotal role of Early Childhood Development in shaping a child’s future potential.

Highlighting its significance, Job emphasized, “The formative years of a child’s life set the groundwork for their entire future. Each moment contributes to their experiences, shaping their interaction with the environment. Hence, early childhood represents a crucial window of opportunity to influence a child’s comprehensive development and lay the groundwork for their future.’

Job stressed the importance of initiatives like those spearheaded by Amos Meerkat, which focuses on fostering healthy development from a young age. These programs not only prioritize early childhood education but also provide training to youth from communities to become proficient ECD teachers.

“Such initiatives offer enriched experiences and wield significant influence, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our commitment remains unwavering in placing the well-being of young children at the forefront, ensuring quality early childhood development for our nation’s youngest citizens,” she said.

FNB disclosed that throughout the 2022/2023 financial year, the program has positively impacted a total of 4,800 children, 238 teachers, and 21 monitors across various regions in Namibia, including Kunene, Kavango East, Oshana, Erongo, Hardap, Khomas, Karas, Otjozondupa, and Omaheke.

Meanwhile Job said, the support from FNB underlines a concerted effort toward enhancing early childhood education and development initiatives, thereby fortifying the foundation for a brighter future for the nation’s children.


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