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City of Windhoek issues warning about potential flash floods

City of Windhoek issues warning about potential flash floods

The City of Windhoek (CoW) has issued a stern caution to residents concerning the looming threat of flooding, flash floods, as well as hailstorms and lightning, which could lead to infrastructure damage and jeopardize lives.

This advisory comes on the heels of the Meteorological Services, operating under the Ministry of Works and Transport, forecasting normal to above-normal rainfall for the 2023/2024 period across most parts of Namibia.

The city authorities highlighted the necessity for residents and visitors to remain vigilant during the rainy season due to the inherent risks posed by flash floods and high-velocity winds. These adverse weather conditions have the potential to cause substantial property damage, power disruptions, flooding, and pose risks on roads.

Particular attention was directed towards individuals residing in low-lying areas, cautioning them to exercise heightened caution during storms as sudden flooding might impact these regions significantly. Moreover, inhabitants living along river banks in informal settlements were advised to relocate to elevated ground for safety reasons.

Warning against the peril of attempting to traverse swift-flowing waters, authorities emphasized refraining from walking, swimming, or driving through such areas. Additionally, residents were advised against attempting to navigate low water bridges with strong water currents flowing across them, as this could result in hazardous situations.

In the event of encountering flooded areas while driving, CoW urged individuals to promptly reroute and seek alternate pathways. Should a vehicle stall in floodwaters, residents were instructed to abandon it immediately and seek higher ground to avoid potential dangers, citing incidents where fatalities occurred due to attempts to move stalled vehicles.

Moreover, residents were urged to heed road traffic signs, comply with roadblocks, and follow directives issued by law enforcement officers at all times for their safety.

CoW implored the public to exercise extreme caution while driving on gravel, sandy, or stony roads, urging individuals not to take unwarranted risks. In cases of emergency, residents were advised to contact the city’s control room at 061 211 111 for immediate assistance.

The City of Windhoek concluded its advisory by urging residents to prioritize safety and vigilance in light of the impending weather patterns and to take proactive measures to ensure personal and community well-being during the rainy season.


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