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Mines Ministry tightens noose on fraud – Launches online fraud alert system

Mines Ministry tightens noose on fraud – Launches online fraud alert system

The Ministry of Mines and Energy this week launched an online fraud alert system to enhance transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct within the mining and energy sectors, strengthen accountability, and safeguard valuable national resources.

Speaking at the launch Deputy Minister Kornelia Shilunga on Wednesday said the online fraud alert system is introduced as a pivotal tool aligned with the government’s innovation strategy.

According to Shilunga, the system enables seamless reporting of illicit activities, unethical behavior, and fraudulent practices, providing a means to uncover and prevent misconduct, she said, adding that it offers a platform for individuals, including employees, contractors, and the public, to report suspicious activities with the assurance of anonymity and confidentiality.

“This innovative system has been developed through a collaborative effort between our Risk Management and Security Division and the IT Division, and I am immensely proud of their dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to the mission of our ministry,” she said.

Furthermore, this system serves as a critical tool to uncover wrongdoings, prevent future misconduct, and protect the valuable resources of our nation, she concluded.


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