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Electricity regulator launches campaign to empower consumers

Electricity regulator launches campaign to empower consumers

The Electricity Control Board (ECB) on Tuesday launched the Consumer Education Campaign, to enhance knowledge and empowerment within the local electricity value chain.

Speaking at the launch, ECB Chief Executive, Robert Kahimise said the campaign’s pivotal role in simplifying the intricate landscape of the electricity sector, aiming to equip consumers with knowledge and control over their electricity consumption for optimal value.

“In today’s gathering, we unite with a shared objective: to demystify the complexities of the electricity sector and enable consumers to take charge of their electricity usage, extracting maximum value from every unit of electricity purchased,” Kahimise added.

According to Kahimise, the campaign will cover a range of initiatives, including educational publications, live streaming, informative posts, social media content, and interactive sessions such as podcasts.

Explaining the campaign’s objectives, Kahimise highlighted two key elements:

1. Introduction of Campaign Characters:

Kahamise said the campaign introduces two personas – Ms. Sophia Kilowatt and Mr. Regulator. Ms. Sophia Kilowatt represents the concerns of the average Namibian electricity consumer, grappling with rising electricity costs without a clear understanding of the associated mechanisms. Mr. Regulator embodies the ECB and aims to demystify and clarify the tariff determination process, the utilization of the National Electricity Support Tool (NEST) webtool, and the prospects embedded in the Modified Single Buyer (MSB) market model.

2. Public Awareness Focus:

The campaign emphasizes raising public awareness and understanding on:

NEST Tool: An invaluable resource allowing electricity consumers to simulate their electricity usage and real-time tariff comparisons for informed decision-making. ECB anticipates that these comparisons will drive small changes leading to significant savings.

Modified Single Buyer (MSB) Market Model: Encouraging competition through alternative energy sources to potentially reduce import costs and subsequently lower electricity tariffs, an aspect dubbed as “Electricity Independence” within the campaign narrative.

According to Kahimise the official Campaign Hashtag: #KnowBetter, will emphasize the campaign’s core belief that informed consumers can make better choices, manage expenses effectively, and contribute actively to a sustainable electricity sector.

“We aim to empower and educate our consumers to understand electricity tariffs, savings, usage, and how the Namibian electricity market operates. So, our commitment to the consumer is not just to inform but to transform consumer behavior towards electricity as a commodity,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, recognizing the pivotal role of collaboration, Kahimise said ECB seeks partnerships with stakeholders, particularly media houses, to effectively convey accurate and insightful information to the public, who are not just audiences but also consumers of electricity.

Electricity Control Board Chief Executive, Robert Kahimise (L ) and ECB Tariff Analyst, Iyaloo Andre (R ), unveiled the Consumer Education characters for the campaign that will be used to enhance knowledge and empowerment the local electricity value chain.


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