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Brigadier General Karel Ndjoba to be honoured with street name

Brigadier General Karel Ndjoba to be honoured with street name

The City of Windhoek recently approved the application to rename Hennie Laubscher Street in Olympia to the late Brigadier General Karel Ndjoba.

The municipal authority said that the request for the street re-naming was made by Ndjoba’s widow and children and the street is where the Njoba family lives.

“The application followed the guidelines on street naming, which included consulting the affected parties and the public, through an expression of intention which was placed in two local newspapers, among other requirements,” they added.

According to his biography, Brigadier General Karel Ndjoba was a loyal, dedicated, determined, and disciplined soldier who played a significant role in transforming the defense system of Namibia after independence. He integrated former SWATF members into the national defense force, contributing to national building and reconciliation.

He was also responsible for hoisting the Namibian flag on 21 March 1990 as a Company Commander of the Presidential Guard of Honour. He played a key role in developing training and fighting doctrines for the Namibian Defense Force (NDF). At the international level, he served as Defense Attache to the Federal Republic of General Germany, a position he held until his unexpected death in November 2014.


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