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Very visual pop-ups bring Paratus closer to its clientele

Very visual pop-ups bring Paratus closer to its clientele

The success of Paratus’ retail penetration in informal markets around Windhoek, has prompted the telco to stretch the net with another 15 retail points in other areas of the country.

Three so-called pop-up shops in Windhoek’s informal townships provided proof of concept that telecommunication services need to be close to the users. The unexpected popularity of the branded pop-up shops provided the trigger to spread the concept to the rest of Namibia.

Paratus Namibia Managing Director, Andrew Hall, commented “Expanding our retail network is important for many reasons. Following our aggressive national rollout, we have now extended our services over our proprietary last mile infrastructure to a total of 28 towns across Namibia. These additional stores will leverage our investment and reach our customers in these areas directly. We plan to continue expanding our national footprint while ensuring our network always delivers a quality service.”

“The online portal has proven to be a great success, demonstrating our dedication to embracing digital solutions to enhance customer experience. While we celebrate this success, we also recognize that Namibians continue to value the traditional brick and mortar shops. Both channels, digital and physical, complement each other, ensuring that every customer’s connectivity needs are met efficiently and effectively.”

“We are investing heavily in building our own infrastructure and expanding our retail presence across the country to give our customers the best possible service and experience. We have also supported this rollout with a new product line that was launched in July this year along with the activation of the Equiano cable. This means that customers essentially get double the value at the same price,” he said.

In addition to the three pop-ups in Katutura, there are now similar shops in Outapi, Epandulo, Eenhana and Oniipa.


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