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Funeral policies for large families now available at Pick ‘n Pay supermarkets

Funeral policies for large families now available at Pick ‘n Pay supermarkets

Niche insurer, Bonlife Assurance, has entered into an agreement with Pick ‘n Pay supermarkets to sell an affordable funeral policy under the banner “Enda Nawa.” or Go Well!

Bonlife Chief Executive, Johan Oosthuysen, said “This partnership is more than just a collaboration – it represents a shared commitment to provide essential and highly accessible products and services to all Namibians. We at Bonlife understand the importance of financial security, and we are dedicated to ensuring it is within reach for everyone and therefore, affordability has been a primary focus in the development of Enda Nawa. We have striven to create a product that is priced competitively with ‘first-of-its-kind’ benefits in Namibia, making funeral insurance accessible to a wide range of individuals and families.”

Pick ‘n Pay Managing Director, Graeme Mouton, emphasized the importance of the agreement, stating, “Through our metaphorical DNA of being a truly authentic, caring, and passionate company, we are committed to our country and its people. This partnership with Bonlife Assurance is a testament to our commitment to the Namibian community.”

Bonlife said Enda Nawa is a tailored financial solution designed to meet the unique needs of Namibian clients when they need comfort and a partner they can trust. Enda Nawa offers not only a financial safety net but also a helping hand during your time of grief.

The policy accommodates up to 12 individuals per policy, catering to families of all sizes. Eligibility for the main life and spouse spans from ages 18 to 65, with coverage also extending to children aged 0 to 21 and parents between the ages of 55 and 80. A 6-month waiting period applies from date of subscription.

Both plans include Funeral Cash to cover funeral expenses, a Pick n Pay Grocery card for essential grocery shopping, and a Meat & Veg benefit to ensure sufficient meals are always available.

Detailed information can be obtained at

Johan Oosthuysen (left), Chief Executive of Bonlife Assurance and Graeme Mouton, Managing Director of Pick ‘n Pay at the launch of the Enda Nawa funeral policy.

Top brass of Bonlife Assurance and Pick ‘n Pay got together for the launch of the innovative Enda Nawa funeral policy that will be marketed through the supermarket chain.

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