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Capricorn Foundation boosts Eye Clinic with N$250,000 equipment donation

Capricorn Foundation boosts Eye Clinic with N$250,000 equipment donation

In a significant move, the Capricorn Foundation recently donated essential equipment valued at N$250,000 to the Eye Clinic, providing crucial support for individuals with visual impairments.

The Eye Clinic’s dedicated team operates across the country, conducting outreach campaigns and serving patients at smaller eye clinics, as well as at the Intermediate Hospital Oshakati and Windhoek Central Hospital.

The recent donation from the Capricorn Foundation included four state-of-the-art slit lamps for the Windhoek Central Hospital Eye Clinic and the Oshakati State Hospital.

These instruments play a pivotal role in the detailed examination of the eye, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with visual problems.

Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, expressed the foundation’s commitment to supporting visually impaired patients in Namibia

She emphasized the impact of the Eye Clinic in improving optometry services in public eye clinics and commended Dr. Helena Ndume and her team for their dedicated work, especially in reaching patients in remote areas.

The slit lamps are expected to enhance the efficiency of the eye clinic, allowing the team to attend to an average of 100 patients daily. This boost in capacity will significantly benefit patients from all regions of Namibia, across various age groups. With proper care, these state-of-the-art instruments are poised to serve patients for years to come.

Dr. Helena Ndume, Head of the Ophthalmology Department at Central Hospital, expressed deep gratitude for the Capricorn Foundation’s generous donation. She highlighted the profound impact on both blind and seeing patients, emphasizing that the value added to their lives is immeasurable.

The Capricorn Foundation, known for its commitment to sustainable and impactful initiatives, supports various projects, programs, and organizations.

Their outreach efforts span all regions of Namibia, focusing on key areas such as combating significant diseases, mental health issues, and disability programs. Through collaborations with like-minded entities, the foundation reaches over 3,000 individuals and patients through various initiatives.

From left to right, Dr. Ernst van der Merwe, Ophthalmologist at Central Hospital, Mr. Steven Namene, Ophthalmic Clinical Officer, Marlize Horn, Capricorn Foundation Executive Officer, Dr. Sarah Shalongo, Medical Superintendent at Windhoek Central Hospital and Dr. Helena Ndume, Head of the Central Hospital Ophthalmology Department.


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