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First weekend of December marred with road crash fatalities

First weekend of December marred with road crash fatalities

According to the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) fund, the first weekend of December was marred with road crash fatalities with the death of 22 persons in 31 crashes.

Crashes recorded between Friday, 01 December and Sunday, 03 December, represent 54% of total crashes during the week of 27 November 2017 to 03 December 2017 while fatalities represent 96% of total fatalities recorded.

MVA said a number of crashes were as a result of collisions and roll-overs. “These figures point to the inability of motorists to control their vehicles owing to inadequate driver fitness, with attributes such as fatigue, speed, driving under the influence, inconsiderate and aggressive driving and dangerous overtaking being associated with collisions or roll-over crashes,” Kapena Tjombonde, chief corporate affairs at MVA fund said.

The MVA Fund urges all drivers to desist from exhibiting risky behaviour and be mindful of not just their own safety but that of other road users. All road users are further urged to anticipate road risks by exercising the highest level of tolerance, patience, willingness to share the road as well as to adhere to all road signs and regulations.

“We assure the families of the deceased of our support during this difficult time, and request such families to contact the nearest MVA Fund Service Centre for relevant claims such as the funeral grant and loss of support for the dependants of the deceased, as well as loss of income, injury grant and medical expenses for the injured,” Tjombonde said.

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