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Scientific Society to host talk on ‘Western Sahara: The Last Colony on African Soil’

Scientific Society to host talk on ‘Western Sahara: The Last Colony on African Soil’

The Namibia Scientific Society is set to host an enlightening public talk on the topic of ‘Western Sahara: After Namibia, the Last Colony on African Soil,’ featuring Dr. Manfred Hinz. The event is scheduled for 7 November at 19:00.

The Society in a statement announced that Dr. Hinz’s presentation will provide valuable insights into the historical context of Western Sahara and the ongoing efforts to resolve the conflict surrounding it.

By drawing parallels between the decolonization processes of Namibia and Western Sahara, the talk will shed light on crucial aspects, including pertinent cases brought before both national and international courts. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on the significant role played by SADC countries, notably Namibia, as key international actors advocating for a resolution in alignment with international law.

Hinz boasts an extensive academic background in Public Law, Politics, Sociology, and Sociology of Law, holding the title of Professor Emeritus at the University of Bremen.

He also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law and African Studies at the Constructor University in Bremen. Notably, Dr. Hinz resided and worked in Namibia from 1990 to 2010, where he co-established the School of Law at the University of Namibia. During his tenure, he assumed the role of Dean and held the prestigious Namibian UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Democracy.

Upon returning to Germany, Hinz re-engaged with the German movement in solidarity with the people of Western Sahara. He further contributed significantly as a co-editor of the book titled ‘Westsahara, Afrikas letzte Kolonie’ (Western Sahara: Africa’s Last Colony).

The Namibia Scientific Society encourages all those interested in delving deeper into this pivotal topic to attend the talk, promising an evening of valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions.


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