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Geingob underscores Namibia’s dedication to responsible diplomacy at 9th Session of the Heads of Mission Conference

Geingob underscores Namibia’s dedication to responsible diplomacy at 9th Session of the Heads of Mission Conference

The President H.E Dr Hage Geingob on Monday emphasised the crucial role played by diplomatic representatives in advancing the nation’s interests on the global stage.

He highlighted this in his address at the 9th Session of the Heads of Mission Conference held at the Mercure Hotel in Windhoek.

Geingob extended a warm welcome to the Ambassadors and High Commissioners deployed around the world, acknowledging their commendable efforts in representing Namibia’s interests.

He underscored the significance of this conference taking place during a period of heightened calls for a more equitable global multilateral system.

Geingob urged deep contemplation about Namibia’s position in a world marked by increasing integration juxtaposed with geopolitical challenges and competition. He stressed the need for advocacy in favour of global institutional reform and financial recalibration to benefit all citizens of the world.

Geingob noted, that lies in accurately representing the national interests and values of Namibia, acting as trusted representatives of the government and nation. This responsibility includes the promotion of Namibia abroad, and fostering friendships and alliances to further the nation’s development agenda.

Furthermore, the President highlighted the pivotal role of diplomatic heads in economic liberation, emphasizing the importance of not just economic growth, but also social, cultural, and sports development. The day-to-day management of diplomatic missions is central to this task.

“Namibia, as a proponent of international solidarity, is dedicated to collaborating with other nations to create a better world”. Geingob commended Namibia’s leadership role in the Commonwealth, chairing the Commonwealth Board of Governors and its contribution to reinforcing global governance structures through the United Nations.

He acknowledged the rapidly transforming world driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, urging diplomatic representatives to equip themselves with knowledge and understanding to identify and seize opportunities.

Geingob emphasised the need for adherence to constitutional principles and understanding of national and regional aspirations, highlighting the significance of tools like the Constitution of Namibia, Vision 2030, and international relations policy objectives.

In navigating this evolving global landscape, Heads of Mission were encouraged to negotiate agreements that positively impact Namibians’ quality of life, promote the potential of the Namibian economy, and defend government policies against attacks.

Geingob urged the attendees to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of new avenues for trade and investment, particularly in supporting the creative industry. He emphasised the interconnectedness of nations and the importance of friendship in global peace efforts.

President Geingob also addressed pressing international issues, calling for a peaceful resolution to conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and urging diplomatic channels to prevail over violence.

Concluding his address, the President advocated for the reform of international institutions to better serve the global community. He highlighted regional efforts, including the resolution of the situation in Cabo Delgado province, as well as Namibia’s commitment to SADC integration.

Geingob’s address underscored Namibia’s dedication to responsible diplomacy, environmental preservation, and economic development in line with global sustainability goals.

The conference concluded with Geingob officially declaring the 9th Conference of Namibian Heads of Mission open, leaving the diplomatic representatives invigorated and motivated to further advance Namibia’s developmental agenda on the international stage.


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