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Capricorn Foundation empowers Hatika Adult Education Centre with N$45,000 boost

Capricorn Foundation empowers Hatika Adult Education Centre with N$45,000 boost

The Hatika Adult Education Centre, nestled in the heart of Goreangab informal settlement in Windhoek, recently received a substantial injection of approximately N$45,000.

This generous contribution from Capricorn Foundation, promises to revolutionize the learning experience for students. The windfall will be allocated towards the acquisition of new laptops, essential learning materials, and the construction of a new classroom.

Marlize Horn, the Group Executive for Brand and Corporate Affairs at Capricorn Foundation, highlighted the Foundation’s steadfast commitment to economic progress, education, and training. She emphasized the pivotal role the Foundation plays in forging pathways towards a brighter future, as exemplified by their support for the Hatika Adult Education Centre.

Horn emphasized, “As Connectors of Positive Change and responsible corporate citizens, the Foundation is dedicated to uplifting and empowering communities for sustainable development, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals and Harambee Prosperity Plan.”

The visionary force driving the Hatika Adult Education Centre, Wilfried Mbamba, expressed immense pride in the Center’s achievements. He extended heartfelt gratitude to the Capricorn Foundation, acknowledging its instrumental role in enhancing the educational experience for its students.

Since its inception on 4 May 2019, the Hatika Adult Education Centre has stood as a beacon of hope within the local community, enriching lives and shaping futures through education.

The centre offers a diverse array of courses tailored to the community’s specific needs, spanning language classes (including English and Afrikaans), practical skills like Basic Computer Levels 1 and 2, sign language, knitting, arts and crafts, financial literacy, small business management, women’s empowerment, and learner’s license classes.

The centre equips its students with valuable skills, markedly enhancing their employability and overall quality of life.

Currently, there are 89 enrolled students actively engaged students across the spectrum of courses. Beyond its role as an institution, the Hatika Adult Education Centre embodies a community-driven initiative that has evolved into a thriving hub for education and skills development.


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