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City of Windhoek activates emergency borehole scheme

City of Windhoek activates emergency borehole scheme

The City of Windhoek announced on 18 October that the emergency borehole scheme had been activated, which may result in changes to the taste, color, and smell of drinking water.

The municipal authority said despite this they remain committed to ensuring the quality of Windhoek’s drinking water and want to assure residents that the drinking water remains fit for human consumption.

“Areas, where the observable changes may be most obvious include Olympia, Suiderhof, Kleine Kuppe, Cimbebasia, Prosperita, Auasblick, Pionierspark, Academia, Rocky Crest, Hochland Park and Luiperdsvallei, as these areas will henceforth receive borehole water exclusively,” they added.

They further said the suburbs of Eros, Klein Windhoek, Avis, Windhoek CBS, Hochland Park, Ludwigsdorf, Dorado Park, and Windhoek North will receive a blend of the borehole, NamWater, and reclaimed water and hence the observable changes in drinking water should be less.

“The rest of Windhoek will receive a blend of NamWater and reclaimed water, as before, and no observable changes in drinking water are expected. This water supply strategy will remain in place until we receive a noticeable inflow into the NamWater surface sources,” they added.

They urged residents to contact them at 061 290 3777 if they continue to experience persistent brown water, for investigation.


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