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Weak cashflow at MSM enterprises but Sanlam Investments still offers a solution

Weak cashflow at MSM enterprises but Sanlam Investments still offers a solution

Owners of Micro, Small and Medium (MSM) enterprises came together earlier this week as the guests of Sanlam Investments and the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board to learn about the array of investment instruments that may be suitable for very small businesses.

Sanlam Business Development Consultant, Stephanie de Klerk said MSM enterprises are typically confronted by solvency and profit margin issues but there still are several investment prospects suitable for small businesses.

She presented a spectrum of innovative ideas that enable MSMEs to diversify their investments, amplify returns, and, crucially, attain the financial stability required to meet debt obligations.

“Sanlam Investments sees information sharing and investment mentoring of MSM enterprises as the logical next step in our client relationships and to provide solutions to a segment that does not have access to conventional financing.”

The core objective of this strategic partnership between Sanlam Investments and the investment board is to equip MSM enterprises with the essential tools and insights for future wealth generation through well-informed investment choices. “Sanlam welcomes this smart partnership with the investment board as a platform that is responsive to the investment needs of MSM enterprises.”

Sanlam Investments indicated that it will continue with the series of information sessions on issues that impact the operations and finances of MSM enterprises.


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