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Capricorn Eagles soar high in Dubai claiming a convincing win against UAE

Capricorn Eagles soar high in Dubai claiming a convincing win against UAE

The Capricorn Eagles clinched the Dubai T20 Tournament 4-2 against the United Arab Emirates. The tournament was played from 26 September to 3 October.

The journey of the Eagles in Dubai was a testament to the team’s determination. Though the weather
in Dubai was humid and tricky, the Eagles exhibited remarkable adaptability, a reflection of their

The team, which is proudly sponsored by the Capricorn Group, lived up to the expectations of not only their sponsors but an entire nation cheering for them.

While most of the matches seemed to be a walkover for the Capricorn Eagles, UAE took the win over the
concluding game.

The UAE managed a fantastic performance, beating Namibia by 9 wickets. But the overall scoreline of 4-2 in favor of the Eagles ensured they emerged as the champions.

This tournament was much more than just about the victory. For many players, it was a stage of many
firsts – their debut in international cricket, their first catch, their first wicket, and for some, it was
about reaching personal milestones such as 1000 T20I runs and playing their 50th T20I game.

The Capricorn Eagles will soon be diving into preparations for the Africa World Cup Qualifiers scheduled for December in Uganda.

With formidable opponents like Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and the host nation, Uganda, the contest is expected to be fierce.

All teams will vie for the two spots in the World Cup, and the Capricorn Eagles will undoubtedly prepare well for the tournament.


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