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Point-break Open water swim delivers

Point-break Open water swim delivers

The point-break swim last week atrracted 240 swimmers who took part in the swimming event at lake Oanob, exceeding the expected number of 200 participants.
Although the turnout was a bit looming, as participants would prefer the warm dry comfort of their homes, the morning skies cleared to deliver a perfectly fresh day for the 240 entrants. Nikolai Flemming, the winner of the 2.1km for the second consecutive year and first female winner of the U16 age category, 13 year old Heleni Stergiadis mastered this challenge.
“We are pleased with the high turn out and increased numbers. The Kids Fun event was very popular, with 57 kids taking part alongside parents and friends. It was great to have the positive support from all the swimming clubs and their coaches,” organisers OTB sport said.
The 2.1 km race saw Veteran swimmer Andrew Rowles take the early lead, with a tight pack on his heels. Nikolai Flemming, followed by Jorn Diekmann took their own line. At the first reference point, about 300 meters into the race, the places were already being set, with Flemming overtaking Andrew.
The rest of the pack followed Nikolai and Jorn. In this pack was International triathlete star Drikus Coetzee, Masters swimmer Paddy Murphy, Mathew Reinhold, Archie Graham, Carl Hein Visser, Frank Bombosch and 13-year-old Heleni Stergiadis. The pack soon started to split and by the third loop it was clear that Nikolai was not going to let anybody challenge his supremacy. Nikolai opened up and left all trailing far behind. The pack was horribly split with many having to make it out on their own to the finish.
Flemming won the 2.1km event in a time of 27:21. Jorn Diekmann finished second overall in 28:09. Third overall was Namibian triathlete, Drikus Coetzee in 28:22. Heleni Stergiadis was first Female out the water in 2.1km swim and winner in the 16 and U category. Second female out the water was Vicky Botha in 33.31. Hot on Vicky’s heels and 7 seconds behind was Master swimmer, Cheryl Young, in 33:38. Cheryl was winner of the Female master category. Carissa Esslinger was third in the 16 and U Female category in 34:49.
Corne Le Roux won the 16 and U male category in 29:31. Second was Matthias Lichtenberg in 31:10. Third was Jureck Johannesson in 34:32. Nastassja Payne won the Elite female category in 35:17. Second was Catherine Birch in 38:07 and third Jana Rohlf in 38:11. The 30-49 year old female category was won by Benita Kasch in 34:56, second was Zoe Mitchell in 35:55 and third was Marike Skinner in 37:09.
Matthew Reindhold won the 30-49 male category in 30:19, second was Andrew Rowles in 32:22 and in joint third was Frank Bombosch and Mark Spath in 34:24. Cheryl Young was winner of the Master female category followed by Martina Buckendorf and Barbara Ackermann. Paddy Murphy won the Master Male category in 29:57. He had an incredible swim and was overall 5th out the water. Second in the Master Male category was Johann Conradie followed by Gabor Salomon.

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