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Tourists set to secure park permits and tickets in advance on new online platform

Tourists set to secure park permits and tickets in advance on new online platform

The Grow Namibia Foundation last week announced the launch of its ground-breaking ticketing and permit booking system.

The foundation said this innovative platform, a first-of-its-kind in Namibia, is set to transform the way tourists experience the country’s iconic destinations, starting with Etosha and Sossusvlei National Park permits.

The ticket and permit booking system represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of responsible and sustainable tourism practices. By providing tourists with the opportunity to book park permits or tickets in advance, the aim is to enhance smooth visitor experiences, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the preservation of Namibia’s pristine treasures, and provide support to the national authorities, such as the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Heritage Council or museums association, to name a few.

“Our goal is to offer tourists a seamless and convenient way to explore Namibia’s stunning national treasures while upholding our commitment to conservation and community empowerment, ” said Heiko Dörgeloh, founder of The Grow Namibia Foundation.

“This pioneering system strikes a harmonious balance between promoting tourism, protecting our natural heritage, providing a convenient service to travellers, operators or agents, and fostering economic opportunities for local conservancies and communities.”

The launch of the tickets and permits booking system is an extension of the Foundation’s broader mission. With a focus on conservation, sustainability, and community development, the foundation said it consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation to create positive change in the Namibian tourism landscape.

By enabling tourists to secure their park permits and tickets in advance, the system reduces congestion and saves time at entrances, minimizing the ecological footprint of tourist activities, and providing park authorities with valuable data to manage visitor flows effectively.

“We believe that sustainable tourism goes hand in hand with innovative solutions that enhance both visitor satisfaction and environmental protection, along with positive supporting alliances with authorities,” added Heiko.

The launch will begin with Etosha and Sossusvlei park permits, representing two of Namibia’s busiest destinations.

For travellers seeking to embark on a journey of discovery while making a meaningful impact, the booking system presents a unique opportunity. As the platform expands to include more parks and destinations, projects, and initiatives, tourists can look forward to an enhanced, sustainable, and unforgettable exploration of Namibia’s wonder destinations.

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