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UNDP Namibia accelerator lab launches data-driven challenge

UNDP Namibia accelerator lab launches data-driven challenge

The UNDP’s Namibia Accelerator Lab has launched an innovative challenge centered around data-driven approaches for creating a digital twin of Windhoek. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to enhance Windhoek’s sustainability, infrastructure, and overall quality of life.

The collaborative effort between UNDP, ICTech Hub, and MTC-NUST High Tech-Transfer Plaza Select (HTTPS) underscores the commitment of all organisations to harness the power of technology for the greater good. Together, they aim to inspire, educate, and engage a diverse range of stakeholders in confronting the challenges of the digital age head-on.

Nawa Likando, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation for MTC emphasized that “innovation is not just a buzzword but a vision for a brighter future. The challenge offers innovators a genuine opportunity to make a tangible impact by promoting digital inclusivity and sustainability,” he said.

Likando added that the challenge is designed to unite digital enthusiasts from academia, start-ups, data science campuses, innovation managers, and digital professionals to develop innovative solutions for urban planning and management. The event seeks to bring together data enthusiasts, developers, designers, and urban planners to collect and leverage various data types to create innovative solutions contributing to the concept of a ‘Digital twin’ for the City of Windhoek.

Dr. Christian Shingiroas, the Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP highlighted that “As we embark on this journey of data exploration and innovation, let us keep in mind the profound responsibility that comes with it. Let us remember that the data we seek is not just a collection of numbers and statistics; it represents the hopes, aspirations, and well-being of Namibia. This event is an opportunity to pool our collective wisdom, to think creatively, and to find those unusual data sources that hold the key to a smarter, more sustainable future for our city and our country.”

The challenge presents a unique opportunity to leverage technology and data to shape the future of Windhoek. By harnessing various data types and innovative solutions, participants can contribute to the sustainable development and enhancement of their city. This event aligns seamlessly with UNDP’s mission to foster sustainable urbanization and further bolsters the growth of the local tech ecosystem.


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