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Transformational changes of the National Youth Council

Mandela Kapere, Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council.

Mandela Kapere, Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council.

Since his election as Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council (NYC), Mandela Kapere stated that he has seen the transformational side of the NYC. “It has been a big challenge, especially since the NYC was set in a particular mindframe, but the transformation is an ongoing process and we will continue to see major changes still to come in the future” he said.
The National Youth Council has implemented various projects which encourage and aim to increase youth empowerment, assist youth organisations and enable them to have financial, technical, intellectual and other required skills to become active role players in their communities. The council wants to give the youths all the support they need to change their lives. “Let them drive and we enable them,” he said adding that the NYC also supports micro enterprises, and they ensure equal opportunities for women, the disabled and marginal communities.

“We would like to professionalise youth development, which requires a systematic way and serious planning,” Kapere stated. “The National Youth Service offers a youth development grant fund, which enables young people to start their own businesses or organisations and so far have supported about 39 different organisations which is more than N$3 million in total.”
“We need to elevate change in climate issues as a youth issue, we need to look after the planet,” he said. He identified the need to instil these values and sense of responsibility into the youths, also stating that they hope the new organisational structure will be more effective in meeting the needs of the youth.
According to their website, the National Youth Council was established in March 1994 mainly to address and ease the challenges and obstacles that are faced by youths, by presenting them with opportunities for them to help themselves and the nation as a whole. The NYC was established to foster a spirit of national identity, a sense of unity, in-depth awareness of social, economic, political, educational and cultural prospects and adversities, and self respect amongst the youth.
He encouraged all institutions in the private and public sectors to look into youth development as part of their way to improve and enlarge their sustainability, hence reaching out to youths as part of their social corporate responsibilities.

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