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National gallery plans massive exhibition for John Muafangejo’s 80th

National gallery plans massive exhibition for John Muafangejo’s 80th

The National Art Gallery of Namibia is inviting artists from all backgrounds to participate in an exhibition that pays tribute to the life and work of the legendary printmaker, John Ndevasia Muafangejo.

Submissions for the commemorative exhibition are accepted until the close of business on Wednesday 27 September. The exhibition itself is scheduled to open on 05 October to coincide with the celebrated artist’s 80th birthday anniversary. The exhibition will run until 11 November 2023.

The ‘Omusimanekwa John’ exhibition seeks to celebrate the profound impact of Muafangejo’s artistic journey and contributions to the world of printmaking and artists are encouraged to submit work that reflects Muafangejo’s influence on printmaking, as well as their own interpretations of his legacy,” the gallery stated.

Artists of all backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to submit their work and each artist may submit up to two works of art for consideration due to limited exhibition space. “Selection criteria include, quality of work, technical applications, interpretation of theme remonstrated through work, and art works may included all mediums,” said the gallery.

For works to be exhibited in NAGN rental frames, a maximum size of 100x70cm will be accepted, artists are required to submit a short text of 250 words related to the artwork and Namibian artists will be given preference. “Whether choosing to explore the traditional techniques Muafangejo mastered, or incorporate modern approaches, we welcome diverse perspectives that honour the spirit of storytelling exemplified by Muafangejo,” they emphasised.

They highlighted that Muafangejo was a prolific storyteller, narrating Namibian history through his printmaking. “This truly is a unique opportunity for artist to join together and commemorate the remarkable achievements of this iconic figure.”

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