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NamPower issues tender for 40 MW Otjikoto Biomass Power Station

NamPower issues tender for 40 MW Otjikoto Biomass Power Station

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

NamPower, Namibia’s national power utility has released bidding documents to locate an engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the Otjikoto biomass power station.

NamPower is advancing the development of the proposed 40 MW Otjikoto Biomass Power Station.

The Project Site, which is owned by NamPower, measuring ±44 hectares, is located in the Oshikoto Region along the B1 national road, close to the existing NamPower Otjikoto Substation. The site is located approximately 12 km north-west of Tsumeb.

The proposed power station will be developed as an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) project and will be owned and operated by NamPower where the majority of the costs for the project will be leveraged from NamPower’s balance sheet.

“The development of this project is a clear indication that NamPower is committed to supporting and achieving the Government objectives as set-out in the National Planning Policies, the National Integrated Resource Plan (NIRP) and the 5th National Development Plan (NDP5).”

The project factsheet is compiled by Nampower’s Senior Manager for Generation, Special Projects, Benedictus Mingeli and Joe Mukena Senior Manager for Strategic Finance and Treasury.

Nampower’s main sources of power generation are the 120 MW coal-fired Van Eck power station in Windhoek, the 24 MW diesel-powered Paratus power station at Walvis Bay, the 22.5 MW ANIXAS diesel-powered station at Walvis Bay and the 332 MW hydro-electric Ruacana Power Station in the Kunene River at Ruacana.

NamPower said its success is built on very strong foundations. Moving forward, the company will continue to invest in powering the nation, protecting our environment, uplifting marginalized communities, providing excellent customer service and meeting the aspirations of our staff now and for generations to come.

In all these efforts and more, NamPower says it will continue to value the contribution and support of stakeholders throughout the electricity supply industry, and throughout the nation as a whole.

In summary, the Encroacher Bush Biomass Power Project objectives are to enhance security of supply by introducing an alternative electricity supply option. Further, to support renewable commitments prescribed in the National Renewable Energy Policy and National Energy Policy of 2017.

Longer term objectives are to stimulate and promote a local biomass fuel supply chain, to increase environmental sustainability and to restore biodiversity. The biomass power station will assist in combatting bush encroachment with tangible benefits to the Namibian agricultural sector. The first biomass power station will also prove the concept for future project duplication across Namibia in areas heavily infested with invader bush.


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