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Women trained to collect recyclables for on-selling to waste processors

Women trained to collect recyclables for on-selling to waste processors

A project to train unemployed women to sort recyclables for income was launched this week in Windhoek.

The joint initiative dubbed, “Community Recycling Heroes Project” is being supported by Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF), Development Workshop Namibia (DWN), and Coca-Cola Namibia Beverages (CCNB).

Speaking at the launch in Windhoek, RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt said the objective will not only ensure that recyclable waste will be retrieved to enter the collection stream, but it will also create awareness that recyclables have value, and contribute to keeping communities clean.

“The Recycling Heroes Project also provides an opportunity to ‘take hands for a cleaner Namibia’, while empowering women and creating employment,” she said.

Coca-Cola spokesperson, Enid Johr said at the launch that 250 waste collectors from Windhoek, Swakopmund, and Otjiwarongo will receive training and the opportunity to link up with recyclers through a pioneering community recycling program.

The training will be facilitated via DWN’s current network with the assistance of community leaders with further training sessions planned for 2024 in other areas of the country.

“The programme will assist the local authorities with cleaner communities and towns in Namibia while creating an income stream for unemployed people,” she added.

According to Johr in terms of plastic waste collection CCNB is already collecting 54% of what they put in the market and with similar initiatives, they support 18 other waste collectors across Namibia.

Currently, the bulk of Namibia‘s waste is sent to South Africa for recycling.


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