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63% of Erongo Regional Council 2023/2024 budget only for salaries

63% of Erongo Regional Council 2023/2024 budget only for salaries

By Adolf Kaure.

The Erongo Regional Council will spend more than N$45 million on salaries but less than one million for sanitation in outlying settlements.

The Chairperson of the Erongo Regional Council’s (ERC) Benitha Imbamba said that about 63% of the council’s expenditure for the 2023/2024 financial year will go to the wage bill.

Imbamba announced this when she spoke during the latest ERC ordinary monthly agenda meeting held at Swakopmund.

“The total estimated expenditure for this current financial year is N$71,646,340. However, it should be noted that about 63%, N$45,326,440 of the above-mentioned total expenditure estimate is allocated to the Council’s wage bill or personnel expenditure,” she said.

A mere 37% of the estimated expenditure is allocated for operational activities.

These activities, which were prepared in line with the ERC’s Annual Plan are earmarked in all constituencies, settlements and head office.

“They are inclusive of water sales at Okombahe, Otjimbingwe, Wlotzkasbaken and Uis Settlement under utilities, maintenance expenses and other services for both settlements, constituencies and head office,” said Imbamba.

Additionally, under Rural Development, the Erongo Regional Council received funds from Central Government for projects in the settlements for the financial year 2022/23 amounting to N$1,153,308.

The current financial year’s funds amounting to N$1,249,461 during the 2023/24 financial year are for projects in rural areas which are the council’s settlement and growth points during the 2023/24 financial year.

“The region is busy constructing dry pit latrines. To that aim, 51 dry pit latrines were built in Tatamutsi Informal Settlement in Uis with funding from First National Bank’s Firstrand Namibia Foundation and a 5% assessment rate for a total cost of N$970,000,” said Imbamba.

The ERC also allocated an amount of N$288,461 for the food or cash for work programme in some of the settlements and rural areas.

These projects are ongoing as from the previous financial year.

Chairperson of the Erongo Region Council Benitha Imbamba. (Photograph courtesy of the Erongo Regional Council)


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