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My Culture, my life, highlights diversity in Kunene

My Culture, my life, highlights diversity in Kunene

Sanlam Namibia recently kicked off its annual cultural roadshow dubbed ‘My Culture, My Life’ across the Kunene Region to highlight cultural diversity.

It is now the sixth year in a row that Sanlam has dedicated itself to honouring cultural diversity in various regions of the country, ranging from Erongo, Hardap, Kharas, Kavango, Zambezi, Omaheke, and Otjozondupa to Kunene.

The roadshow has successfully covered eight regions, reached 40 schools, engaged over 6,500 learners, and visited over 30 Traditional Authorities. This has been accomplished through the active participation of 20 local musicians and celebrities who have educated and entertained the learners.

“This cultural initiative has a specific focus on promoting, preserving, and safeguarding Namibia’s rich cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on reaching out to school learners. The modern world has seen young individuals grow disconnected from their cultural roots, lacking an understanding of traditional practices. This endeavour seeks to bridge that gap and ensure the continuation of intergenerational cultural transmission,” according to a statement issued by the Sanlam Group Marketing and Communications Department.

Sanlam added that its mission extends beyond simply imparting knowledge; it hopes to instill pride, comprehension, and respect for “one’s own culture and that of their peers.”

Joshua Shikongo, the Education Inspector in the Epupa district stressed the significance of culture in providing a foundation during a visit to the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture in the Kunene region, comparing it with the chaos of contemporary life.

He further stated that teaching children about cultural values helps counter negative influences from external sources and discourages harmful practices.

“You have people fighting for ideologies and people wanting the minority to align with theirs,” he said adding that television has an huge impact on today’s youth.

Sanlam visited the Kunene Regional Council, Otjikaoko Traditional Authority, Vita Royal House, and the Ovahimba Living Museum, as well as Mureti Senior High School, Okangwati Combined School, Ehomba Combined School, Kamanjab Combined School, and Outjo High School this year.


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