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MVA Fund programme creates a safe driving culture within the workplace

MVA Fund programme creates a safe driving culture within the workplace

A work road safety information sharing session was recently held by the MVA Fund in cooperation with various organisations to cover aspects of general road safety and MVA Fund product knowledge.

The organisations included the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs, National Road Safety Council, Namibia Road Forum, NamPol, Windhoek City Police, IMAXX, Supa Quick Tyres Expert Windhoek, and the Road Authority.

The Fund in a statement said the programme is driven by the fact that 66% of persons injured in crashes are between the ages of 16 to 40 years old, which is the most productive working class of society.

“In this regard, we saw it fit to introduce the Workplace Road Safety programme which sees the Fund together with various other stakeholders visit places of work and engage employees on road safety matters,” the Fund added.

They informed that the threefold programme covers aspects of general road safety MVA Fund product knowledge, while also popularizing the MVA Fund toll-free Accident Response Number 9682.

“The coming together as stakeholders in this collaborative manner creates a safe driving culture within the workplace and further ensures safer roads for all road users,” they emphasised.

The Fund said the Ministry of Defence on their part welcomed the initiative and availed their employees to attend the four-hour programme which allowed them to gain more insight on road safety matters agreeing that road safety at the workplace is beneficial to both the employees and employers as it can potentially sustain productivity which may be hampered in case of injuries sustained during a motor vehicle crash.

“Other organisation must also employ a proactive approach towards road safe as being proactive in road safety interventions is crucial as it curbs the likely hood of crash incidents. By identifying potential risks and implementing measures to address them, we can reduce the likelihood of accidence, injuries, and loss of life on our roads,” said the Fund.

They said this approach not only saves lives but also reduces the burden on emergency and healthcare services while promoting a culture of safety and responsibility among road users.

Initially introduced in 2013, the MVA Fund Workplace Road Safety programme focuses on safe road usage aimed at promoting a road safety culture at the workplace. To date, the Fund has conducted approximately 500 Workplace Road Safety programmes throughout the country targeting institutions from both the public and private sectors.


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