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Roads Authority warns of pothole peril on Rundu Divundu road – urgent repairs to start immediately

Roads Authority warns of pothole peril on Rundu Divundu road – urgent repairs to start immediately

The water damage on the Rundu Divundu road has become so severe that the Roads Authority issued a warning this week, cautioning motorists not to travel when the road is wet or during the night.

“Tthere are severe scattered potholes on the Rundu Divundi road. We currently have Bitumen Maintenance Units that are repairing the damaged sections when the weather permits, the authority advised, adding that warning signs have been put up at critical places to alert motorists.

According to the authority, the road will be rehabilitated when funding is available again, as part of a long-term maintenance strategy. This work will only be considered when the rain season is over and will depend on the availability of funds. The intention is to reduce further damage during subsequent rain seasons.

“The rain has caused widespread damage to our roads and the Roads Authority is working hard to repair potholes and other damages in the shortest time possible. Thus, we would like to appeal to all motorists to be alert at all times, especially at night,” the authority stated.

In an update issued on 05 April, the authority acknowledged that this road has been damaged severely and is in urgent need of attention. Chief Executive Conrad Mutonga said “As an organization, we are very concerned about the condition of the road, therefore as a permanent solution, we are finalizing the appointment of a contractor to carry out light rehabilitation work on the affected areas. We intend to commence with repair works on the most critical areas first and will move from there to other areas of the road.”

In the interim, the authority has deployed maintenance teams for immediate urgent repairs where needed.

“Motorists should refrain from travelling at night, if possible, during the rainy season as the potholes are covered by water and will cause serious damage to vehicles if motorists drive into them. Furthermore, motorists should exercise caution and reduce their speed according to the weather conditions.”

The authority also advised that potholes and visible road damage can be reported at any Roads Authority office or by sending a mail to [email protected]


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