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Nedbank launches innovative digital commerce platform

Nedbank launches innovative digital commerce platform

Nedbank Namibia this week launched Avo SuperShop, an innovative digital commerce platform connecting businesses and customers in an interconnected ecosystem.

The launch event was held at Grove Mall of Namibia’s Ster-Kinekor Cinema and was met with enthusiasm from media representatives.

Speaking at the launch, Nedbank Namibia Managing Director, Martha Murorua said, “[Avo is] a digital marketplace where every need is met, from buying essential goods, fashion, and appliances to making secure payments—a place where loyalty is not just appreciated, but tangibly rewarded through AvoPoints. It’s a paradigm shift, meticulously designed with the consumer in mind.”

At its core, the Avo SuperShop is a comprehensive digital marketplace that redefines the shopping experience. Designed to simplify and enhance everyday life, Avo leverages sophisticated algorithms to match customer preferences with tailored product and service offerings. It is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between customers and businesses, offering a unique shopping experience driven by advanced artificial intelligence and a commitment to secure transactions.

Also speaking at the launch, Nedbank Group Managing Executive, Nedbank Africa Regions, Nedbank Dr Terence G. Sibiya said, “Nedbank is truly one of the leading digital financial service providers on the continent. We have a world-class modern technology platform, which has been independently benchmarked, and we provide market-leading digital products, services, and CVPs. Our African digital strategy, which is enabled by our Managed Evolution (ME) technology programme is focused on delivering innovative, market-leading client solutions such as PayToday here in Namibia and engaging in ongoing disruptive market activities – the launch of Avo SuperShop in South Africa in 2020 and now in Namibia, are notable examples of that.”

The term ‘super app’ succinctly captures Avo’s multifaceted nature, consolidating a wide array of functions into a single, user-friendly interface. This approach empowers users to streamline daily activities and transactions, transcending the complexity of modern digital platforms.

Murorua highlighted, “Banks have been at the forefront of Namibia’s digitalisation journey, spearheading innovations that redefine the financial landscape. The rise of FinTech has further accelerated this transformation, ushering in a new era of financial services and accessibility.”

How to Engage with Avo SuperShop:
• Download Avo SuperShop app: Available for both Android and iOS devices, users can download the app from their respective app stores or simply log in to from your web browser

• Register and Customize: Register online and set preferences to receive personalized offers and services.
• Browse and Shop: Explore a wide array of products and services, from fashion, electronics, and appliances, and add them to the shopping cart.
• Checkout Securely: Utilize safe and secure payment options for a seamless transaction.
• Earn and Redeem AvoPoints: Enjoy loyalty rewards through AvoPoints, redeemable for future purchases.

Meanwhile, businesses looking to expand their reach and engage with potential customers can sign up on the Avo SuperShop platform, providing opportunities for growth and creating meaningful business connections.

• Register Your Business: Provide details and become a part of the Avo business community.
• List Products/Services: Showcase what you have to offer to a broad audience.
• Engage and Grow: Utilize Avo’s advanced AI to reach your target audience and grow your business.


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