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Green hydrogen programme for sustainable energy launched

Green hydrogen programme for sustainable energy launched

An ambitious initiative set to reshape its energy landscape and position the country as a global leader in green energy production, the Green Hydrogen Programme was launched last week on Friday.

Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe in a statement said the programme aims to harness the enormous potential of green hydrogen in creating a sustainable energy mix. By tapping into renewable sources, the initiative aims to stimulate economic growth, slash carbon emissions, and ensure energy security for generations to come.

He added that the programme leverages Namibia’s abundant renewable energy resources and unwavering commitment to sustainability, envisioning a future powered by clean, carbon-neutral hydrogen.

Namibia is partnering with a hiring agency specializing in identifying exceptional talent, he said, adding that the collaboration seeks to attract dynamic and passionate individuals who share the nation’s dedication to building a greener and more prosperous future.

“We invite professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from various disciplines to join us in this exciting journey toward a sustainable tomorrow,” Mnyupe said, adding that their intention is to structure the programme to maximize its effectiveness and impact, aligning with their commitment to transparency and collaboration.

As part of this initiative, the programme plans to profile eight executive positions that will be crucial in steering the Green Hydrogen Programme forward. While subject to potential changes, the preliminary structure will be shared with the Namibian public, offering insights into the program’s intentions.


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