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Your brand voice must be authentic but entertaining

Your brand voice must be authentic but entertaining

By Natasja Beyleveld, Managing Director of Namibia Media Monitoring.

To stand out amidst the cacophony of today’s media landscape necessitates a clever and astute communication strategy. Consider your closest mates: each one boasts a distinct voice, a testament to their individual persona. But do we truly grasp the unique voice and identity of our own brand or organization?

Identifying what sets you apart from your rivals is crucial, but how can you harness this uniqueness to shape your communication style? This introductory piece grapples with these challenges, offering insightful strategies to carve out your unique presence in a saturated market.

Prepare for the journey of shaping and understanding your distinctive brand voice.

If you have read a book to children, you would know the relevance of crafting a compelling story. You know your audience emotionally and need to captivate and engage them. Also, they know you and would know if you are authentic or just dramatic. After all, it builds trust and credibility between you and them.

Attention span:

Instead of flooding the media with generic content, focus on producing high-quality and valuable content that addresses your audience’s needs and interests. What do you want to make them feel, think about, or consider? No jargon, speak their language, and address their pain points or aspirations.

Typical to the future of media, visual content like infographics, videos, and images, can help your message stand out and make it more memorable. It’s the magician coaching your curiosity or perception of reality, leaving you in awe.

Our Namibian market is small in comparison to the population of our neighbours, but we still, experiment with different formats. Some audiences are best reached with podcasts, interactive content, or live streams from which they can extract any content anytime.

Do not fall victim to trends but rather think about creative ways that could interest and engage your audience. They love to learn something new. Link with your marketing team and ensure congruence and consistency in marketing and communications material.

All communicators must be good listeners to successfully convey their message and receive feedback for reporting. Social media has changed the board game to a multi-player platform. Constructive criticism helps improve your communication strategy and adapt to evolving needs.

Finally, encourage your audience to create their own content. Launch competitions or incentives for up-and-coming creatives. This will enhance the authenticity and diversity of your media presence. Ensure that you do not journey alone and get your trusted peers to review or enlighten you with their checks and balances.

Remember that speaking differently in the media requires a deep understanding of your audience, thoughtful planning, and a willingness to take creative risks. By embracing your uniqueness and delivering valuable content, you can break through the generic noise and capture the attention of your target audience.


Natasja Beyleveld

Managing Director


About The Author

Natasja Beyleveld

Natasja Beyleveled, the Managing Director of Namedia (Namibia Media Monitoring) has her finger on the pulse of many large corporations and leading institutions. It is her job to track her clients' media profiles, advising them on PR strategies to either boost positive developments or contain public image damage. She first became a prominent figure as the Young Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 2013.