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Ilke Platt gets recognition at Africa’s World Woman Leaders 2021 awards

Ilke Platt gets recognition at Africa’s World Woman Leaders 2021 awards

The Africa Leadership Awards which seek to identify and celebrate outstanding leadership demonstrated by organisations, individuals and teams recently took place virtually on 24 September.

These awards are an independent recognition exercise initiated to give recognition to those companies and individuals who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective leadership practices in Africa.

This year, Namibia was added to the pool of women that have made an impact in their respective industry, through the Poiyah Media founder, Ilke Platt.

As she accepted her “Africa’s Women Leader” title last week, she applauded the organisers for such platforms.

“We never work and serve for titles or positions but merely to make a positive impact. I want to accept this award on behalf of my team of strong and powerful women, part of my team that serves in the public relations industry that has lifted Poiyah Media in network platforms as such. It’s only within our own organisations we can start making that change, one life at a time. You don’t have to be in a position of power to make that immense change but I salute every unsung woman in her community, especially rural towns that make a difference without any acknowledgement as such. It’s women like you that make the biggest change no matter how small it may seem. When your heart is pure and intentions are good, blessings will always follow you, to bless the next,” she added.

The mission of the awards is to educate and disseminate the importance of leadership development and self-reliance building in Africa and are not only based on financial valuation but also focus on consumer preferences and peer recommendations.

The entire programme is chaired by Dr RL Bhatia, Founder of World CSR Day, World Sustainability and World Women Leadership Congress. The jury consists of senior leaders, researchers and academics.

“Due to the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact on women, minorities and the poor, much has been written about the effectiveness of the leadership traits exhibited by women. Comprising only some 8% of political leaders globally, women account for an estimated 40% of the most successful responses to COVID-19. Research has pointed out that women-led countries have a 6-time lower death rate than those led by male counterparts in similar countries. The research team at the World Woman Leadership Congress has carefully used the situation to channel their energies productively,” said Dr Aalok Pandit, Executive Director of CMO Asia.

Meanwhile, the awardee listing is intensely researched by graduates in History and Management with 5 years’ research experience or more. It is their job to produce a shortlist of individuals who are doing extraordinary work and track the record of their achievements. The shortlist is then reviewed by a jury comprising senior professionals from the industry.

Ilke Platt is the founder of Poiyah Media, established to help SMEs that need a Public Relations boost.


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