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FlyNamibia new Lüderitz route expected to break barriers in trade, boost tourism

FlyNamibia new Lüderitz route expected to break barriers in trade, boost tourism

FlyNamibia on Wednesday commenced with its scheduled flight to Lüderitz, establishing a vital air link between Windhoek and Lüderitz.

The inaugural event witnessed the esteemed presence of distinguished guests, including Hon. Alette Fredrick, Governor of Karas Region, His Worship Hon. Cllr B. Mckay, Mayor of Lüderitz, Ambassador of France to Namibia, Amb. Sebastien Minot, Mr. Laurent Roche, Country Chair of TotalEnergies Namibia, Mr. Henri Van Schalkwyk, CEO of FlyNamibia, and various other esteemed personalities.

The Mayor of Lüderitz, in his speech, hailed the launch as a momentous milestone for the Lüderitz community and the wider business sector. He emphasised the hard work and ambition of the ‘Butchers’ and their unwavering dedication to charting a prosperous future.

The new FlyNamibia route is expected to break barriers in trade, boost tourism, and attract further international investments, indicating a bright future for Lüderitz. The Mayor expressed optimism for sustainable business and consultative policy frameworks, highlighting the town’s access to sea, road, rail, and now air, offering increased efficiency for trade and tourism, and expanding economic prospects.

Leonard Shiputa, Executive Director of the Namibia Airports Company (NAC), conveyed his delight in welcoming FlyNamibia to Lüderitz Airport. He acknowledged the airline’s commitment to connecting Namibia efficiently and safely. He further noted that the NAC is determined to enhance Lüderitz Airport’s infrastructure to meet partner needs and support the region’s growth.

Governor of Karas Region, Hon. Aleta Fredericks, expressed immense pleasure and pride in celebrating the introduction of FlyNamibia’s scheduled service to Lüderitz. She extended her gratitude to FlyNamibia and TotalEnergies for their collaboration in this significant development.

The new air link opens a world of possibilities for local communities and businesses, promoting sustainable development and inclusive growth. Hon. Fredericks urged all sectors to collaborate with dedication and enthusiasm, envisioning a thriving ecosystem that fosters a brighter future for the people.

Laurent Roche, Country Director of TotalEnergies Namibia, highlighted the company’s commitment to the country and its people. TotalEnergies Explorations has been actively involved in offshore operations for a year, and their strong and reliable partnership with Westair and FlyNamibia led to the successful introduction of this new route.

Four months of subsidies from TotalEnergies will allow the airline to test the route’s viability, ultimately supporting the Lüderitz business community.

Roche reaffirmed TotalEnergies’ dedication to ensuring a positive impact on Namibia’s development, regardless of the outcome of offshore exploration.

Andre Compion, Managing Director of FlyNamibia, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for joining in the joyous occasion of the scheduled service launch. He provided a historical perspective on Lüderitz’s transport evolution, acknowledging the challenges faced by all modes of transportation.

Compion recognised the importance of TotalEnergies as a key partner in making the reintroduction of scheduled air travel to Lüderitz possible. Their support allowed FlyNamibia to offer discounted fares, benefiting the Lüderitz community and contributing to economic development. He extended his appreciation to Laurent Roche for TotalEnergies’ unwavering commitment.

Furthermore, Compion thanked the Namibia Airports Company for their dedication to improving Lüderitz Airport’s infrastructure. He acknowledged the construction of a multi-million hangar facility by FlyNamibia’s sister company, Westair, essential for supporting helicopter operations in the oil and gas industry.

Compion meanwhile cordially invited the community to utilise FlyNamibia’s services to Windhoek and


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