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Telecom expands its redesigned teleshop network to Aussenkehr

Telecom expands its redesigned teleshop network to Aussenkehr

Telecom Namibia this week opened its brand-new, redesigned teleshop in Aussenkehr, enhancing the customer service experience in the //Karas region and enriching the satisfaction of customers.

The Aussenkehr teleshop is the most recent addition to the transformed new concept stores, bringing the total number of these stores to six across the country.

In addition, Councillor for the Karasberg West constituency, Hon Taimy Kanyemba, delivered a keynote address on behalf of the Governor of the //Karas Region, stating that the opening of the Aussenkehr teleshop will ensure that the Aussenkehr community’s constant need for access to information and communication is met, demonstrating that Telecom is a forward-thinking digital organization with a customer-centric approach that prioritizes the needs of its customers by bringing superior services to their doorstep.

“The opening of and presence of a teleshop is an important and meaningful undertaking to the development and modernization of the ICT industry in the //Karas region, and it is encouraging to note that initiatives such as the Aussenkehr teleshop opening increase our nation’s access to ICT services,” said the Governor of the //Karas region, Hon Aletta Frederick, in her keynote address, delivered by Hon Kanyemba.

“It is commendable that Telecom intends to encourage the effective use and accessibility of ICT services. The need for ICT products and services in Aussenkehr and the //Karas region has increased drastically over the last decade and shows no sign of slowing. The growth is a result of significant investments in infrastructure and the introduction of healthy competition within the region, thus creating jobs and developing an entrepreneurial spirit among small businesses”, she added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, Chief Executive of Telecom Namibia, stated during the teleshop’s launch that the teleshop reaffirms Telecom’s commitment to providing outstanding solutions and experiences to its customers.

“Establishing this teleshop required huge investments, which we gladly availed of to ensure we brought services closer to the residents and corporates in the area. The teleshop enables face-to-face contact with authorised and equipped company representatives, ensuring your needs are understood and addressed. Do utilize the teleshop to have your ICT needs addressed,” mentioned Shanapinda.

Telecom’s first new-look teleshop debuted at Grove Mall in 2018, followed by the Nkurenkuru teleshop in 2019, the iWay store in 2019, the Outapi teleshop in 2021, and the recently remodelled Maerua Mall teleshop. “This development is an important and meaningful undertaking to the growth and modernization of the ICT industry in the //Karas region.”

“The teleshop reflects the Telecom brand and aligns with the next-generation retail experience. Through these efforts, the company is focused on enhancing the customer service experience in the //Karas region and enriching customer satisfaction. Interactive and revolutionary, featuring the latest digital technology, the state-of-the-art outlet will change how customers shop for Telecom products and services.

“The store offers cutting-edge mobile products and services to enhance customers’ lives and empower individual communication needs. The store also includes a customer care point where products and services can be purchased, faults reported, where customers can apply for new services, pay for their accounts, register their sim cards, and conduct various transactions. The initiative is an effort by Telecom to ensure that teleshops are not just stores that stock products but a place where the company demonstrates how technology can transform lives and businesses,” according to the company.

The inauguration of the teleshop is not only a milestone for Telecom and the residents of Aussenkehr, but it also serves as an achievement for the people of the //Karas region and Namibia’s leadership, as it provides opportunities for all residents of the town, according to their statement.


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