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Hartlief negotiates first wage increments since moving to O&L Group

Hartlief negotiates first wage increments since moving to O&L Group

Hartlief’s 423 employees are in line for a 7% increase on basic, an adjusted transport allowance and the re-alignment of certain package benefits following the successful conclusion of negotiations between the meat processor and the Food and Allied Workers union (NAFAU).

Hartlief comprises the Windhoek factory, the very popular shop and bistro, and the South African distribution network.

The substantive agreement is valid for one year from 01 July this year.

Group Managing Director, Gunther Ling, noted that the successful negotiations are a highlight for the Group now that it resorts in the Ohlthaver & List stable since labour relations tended to be strained in the past.

“With unprecedented stress on food producers and supply chains, and bottlenecks in farm labour, processing, and logistics, as well as shifts in demand, the pandemic has directly and indirectly impacted overall meat and processed meat production. However, we remain focused on our Vision 2025 strategy. By ensuring that our employees remain engaged and rooted in our culture and vision, we can achieve success together.”

NAFAU’s Simon Muukapo, expressed his gratitude to Hartlief for conducting the negotiations with transparency and understanding of the employees’ views. “For Namibia to rebuild its economy after the devastating impact of COVID-19, it requires companies such as O&L and Hartlief, and organizations such as NAFAU and the entire workforce, to work together.”


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