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Scouts off to South Korea for global Jamboree

Scouts off to South Korea for global Jamboree

A large group of Namibian Scouts left for South Korea over the weekend to take part in the 25th World Scout Jamboree from 01 to 12 August.

The 28 Scouts, Rovers and adult leaders joins more than 51,000 Scouts from 182 countries for this major gathering which takes place every four years. This year’s Jamboree is hosted by the Korea Scout Association under the theme “Draw Your Dream.”

The Namibian contingent, led by the National Scout Commissioner, Mr Ellis Müller, comprises 18 Scouts, six International Service team members and four adults guiding the group’s safety and well-being. The group represents Namibian Scouts of whom there are more than 4300.

The Scouts will take part in a multitude of activities focusing on five areas of interest: Scouting for Life, Smart & Scientific, Safe & Secure, Sustainability, and ACT (Adventure, Culture, Tradition).

Scouting for Life will enable Scouts to develop leadership and life skills, challenge their perceptions about global issues, and encourage them to become active citizens.

Smart & Scientific features the latest technology, from robotics to virtual reality, with a stream of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programmes.

Safe & Secure offers activities about preventing and responding to, natural disasters, communicable diseases and other emergencies.

Sustainability is based on the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help young people act as peace messengers and promote sustainable development in their respective communities.

ACT centers on adventure activities in the mountains and rivers of Korea as well as cross-cultural exchanges where Scouts can experience the best of Korean culture and tradition from K-pop music to Bibimbap food to the Hangul alphabet and more.

The Jamboree will also feature a “Better World Tent” and “Global Development Village” where participants can learn about their role and connection with nature, practice a culture of peace and dialogue, promote diversity and inclusion, and more.

“The World Jamboree gives Scouts the opportunity to see and feel the diversity of mankind, to exchange cultural practices and make new friends, to learn new skills, and to practice global citizenship in a peaceful atmosphere. Through awareness-raising activities and adventurous challenges, they are learning how to work together to build a better world. It is the experience of a lifetime,” said contingent leader Müller.

Whatch out South Korea, we are on our way! Scouts from across Namibia at Hosea Kutako International Airport departing for South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree where more than 51,000 Scouts gather from across the globe for two weeks of adventure, skills training, cultural exchange and international friendship.


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