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IntraHealth Namibia ready to implement REACH project in Kavango West

IntraHealth Namibia ready to implement REACH project in Kavango West

IntraHealth Namibia engaged stakeholders and the Kavango West Regional Council on 25 July to talk about ways to expedite the implementation of the REACH project.

General Manager at IntraHealth, Lavinia Sikongo said the engagement was very important, as the REACH project will start soon, and they want to ensure that stakeholders are consulted to discuss important issues how the programme should run, rather than imposing it on the region.

We are consulting and engaging partners, we do not want to come here and say this is how we want to implement this programme, but we want you to bring your input and say what will work in your region,” she added.

She urged the region to assist in identifying children that do not have Namibian documents so that they can assist in accessing areas where the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security is unable to reach and register due to funds.

So that children can be assisted, while areas where youth friendly health facilities can be set up should also be identified as a matter of urgency so that IntraHealth can assist in setting up structures, which can be done by September this year,” she said. She highlighted that they do not want to send money back to the donors, because this is about making the lives of people better.

Acting Chief Regional Officer, Egidius Nambara welcomed IntraHealth’s gesture and said that working with local stakeholders is one of the most important components of a successful project.

He urged the IntraHealth team to involve traditional authorities and local communities as much as possible. “Our focus should be serving our people and leaving a mark. All of the local stakeholders as well as staff members of various ministries should be involved in the project,” he emphasised.

The REACH project strives to promote healthy behaviours and reduce chronic disease risk factors among marginalised people.

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