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Daures Green Hydrogen Village progress reflected in images

Daures Green Hydrogen Village progress reflected in images

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

Staff in the Namibia Green Hydrogen Research Institute (NGHRI) and other researchers to support Daures Green Hydrogen Village have set sail.

Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change (SASSCAL) and the University of Namibia (UNAM) joined forces for the successful implementation of the Daures Green Hydrogen Village project.

Front row from the right: Dr Zivayi Chiguvare, acting Director NGHRI, Ms Alina Uusiku, researcher and grant management coordinator, Dr Jane Olwoch, SASSCAL Executive Director, Dr Natangue Shafudah, projects coordinator at the Namibia Green Hydrogen Research Institute, Mr Simeon Hamukoshi, research assistant and SASSCAL green hydrogen team members.


A German foreign agency known as BMBF through SASSCAL has availed Euro 400,000 to UNAM for academic and research activities, focusing on Green Hydrogen applications, minerals extraction, and copper-based thin films for green hydrogen generation. The research project is funded under an agreement between the Namibian and German governments to support the development of a so-called Green Hydrogen Industry in Namibia.

The Daures Green Hydrogen Village is set to become Africa’s first green hydrogen community. In its first phase, 50 Namibians are employed at the village construction site, offering them meaningful jobs and research opportunities in sustainable energy.

The village’s primary objectives are to manufacture green hydrogen and ammonia, fostering local employment and partnerships, demonstrating green hydrogen applications, and enabling a green hydrogen economy as a model for future development across the region.



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