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10th Mining Expo and Conference slated for end of August

10th Mining Expo and Conference slated for end of August

The Chamber of Mines of Namibia disclosed on Tuesday its highly anticipated 10th Mining Expo and Conference, which will be held on 30 and 31 of August at the Windhoek Showgrounds.

Under the theme, ‘Namibia’s role in the sustainable supply of minerals to support the global energy transition,’ this year’s event intends to shed light on Namibia’s significant contribution to the global shift towards sustainable energy usage.

“With abundant untapped resources of critical minerals, uranium, oil and gas, and green hydrogen, Namibia is poised to take centre stage in supporting the global energy transition, paving the way for new economic opportunities within the mining sector,” the Chamber said.

The Chamber of Mines Chief Executive, Veston Malango, said at a press briefing on Tuesday that they currently have 86 exhibitors compared to last year’s 98.

He said they are still expecting more exhibitors to come on board as negotiations continue and maintained optimism to surpass their total number of exhibitors this year compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, Malango emphasised that the forthcoming Mining Expo & Conference would also focus on oil and gas since the Chamber Constitution now defines minerals to include oil and gas.

“The Mining Expo & Conference is a premier gathering that brings together industry professionals, suppliers, and stakeholders to explore the latest advancements, opportunities, and challenges in the mining sector. In addition to the Expo, the event will feature the Mining Conference, the Supplier’s Platform, a Business 2 Business networking for exhibitors, and the annual networking cocktail function. In an exciting development, the rising Oil & Gas sector will have its dedicated area showcase within the Mining Expo, known as the Oil & Gas Pavilion. This edition highlights the growing linkages between the mining and energy sectors and provides a platform for industry players to engage, collaborate, and explore potential synergies.”

As a result, the introduction of a complete database capturing all inputs of goods and services consumed inside Namibia’s mining sector will be another feature of this event. This remarkable database, created in collaboration with the Development Bank of Namibia, MME as project owners, and the Chamber of Mines of Namibia, seeks to transform the industry by facilitating the identification of lucrative business opportunities, deepening the supply chain, and propelling local content objectives, they noted.

“The 10th Mining Expo & Conference is set to be a milestone event, fostering knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among industry professionals and the public. Namibia’s mining industry has played a crucial role in the country’s economy. According to the latest industry snapshot, in 2022, the mining industry experienced a remarkable growth of 21.6%, driven by a major increase in diamond output. The industry’s significant contribution is further highlighted by its total taxes paid, including corporate and export levy taxes. Furthermore, the mining industry contributed 12.2% to Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2022, compared to 9.1% in 2021. In terms of direct employment, the industry provided jobs to 16,147 individuals in 2022, compared to 15,246 in the previous year”

Subsequently, the Chamber noted it is thrilled to be a part of this highly anticipated event, which is set to open up a plethora of hitherto undiscovered business opportunities within the flourishing mining industry.

In addition, they said the inclusion of the oil and gas industry showcases Namibia’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive extractives sector. “Through the promotion of knowledge exchange, cooperation, and inventive thinking, the Mining Expo & Conference seeks to propel Namibia’s mining industry to greater heights.”

According to the Chamber of Mines, this year’s event is made possible by RMB, a renowned financial services provider, which has provided a “generous” anchor sponsorship. The Chamber also thanked Continental Lithium Africa for its kind donation as a secondary sponsor to the event.

“Their support exemplifies the industry’s collaborative efforts as well as their commitment to the growth and development of Namibia’s mining sector,” the Chamber noted.


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