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Behemoth container vessel causes busy weekend in Walvis Bay

Behemoth container vessel causes busy weekend in Walvis Bay

The weekend has been very busy for the Namibian Port Authority as its crane operators had to discharge nearly 1400 containers from the impressive MSC Washington container ship followed by loading 397 onto the same vessel.

When the MSC Washington arrived in the Port of Walvis Bay on Friday 16 June, the harbour personnel knew they had their weekend cut out for them. Visiting Walvis Bay on its maiden voyage call, the MSC Washington is an impressive container vessel.

Construction of the the 335 metre vessel was completed only last year. Registered in Liberia, she has a gross tonnage of 138,121 tonnes.

The ship arrived in Walvis Bay from the Port of Pointe-Noire in the Republic of the Congo, and sail again on Monday 19 June for Port Louis in Mauritius.


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