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2023 Census to enhance ability to monitor progress of National Development Plans and SDGs

2023 Census to enhance ability to monitor progress of National Development Plans and SDGs

The 2023 Census is set to enhance the ability to monitor progress towards the achievement of the country’s National Development Plans (NDPs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an executive said on Wednesday.

“It will provide us with accurate baselines, benchmarks, and indicators to assess our progress and identify areas where additional support is required,” said Salomo Hei, Chairperson of NSA Board of Directors at a stakeholders engagement with members of the diplomatic corp and development partners.

According to Hei, this data-driven approach will ensure that our efforts are targeted, effective, and aligned with the priorities of both Namibia and our esteemed partners.

“With strategic insight and guidance from the NSA Board, the Management, and staff remains committed to ensuring the timely availability of accurate and quality data that reflects the realities on the ground,” he said, adding this year, we embrace technology and present a spatially enabled and digital census by leveraging available technology for data gathering, analysis, and dissemination of data that is location-based.

The 2023 Census provides a unique opportunity to deepen our collaborations and strengthen partnerships. The insights gained from this census will offer valuable guidance as you design programs, allocate resources, and support Namibia’s development agenda

UNFPA Representative Gift Malunga, meanwhile in her speech on behalf of the Resident Coordinator, commended the government for their dedication and commitment to conduct the population and housing census after two postponements, namely due to COVID-19 and the impact thereafter, resulting in funds being diverted to other pressing national priorities.

“ Under the current United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF), 2019-2023, and its extension to 2024, the UN committed to supporting the government through the NSA in producing and disseminating quality and reliable statistics to inform public policy decisions and ensure that no one is left behind, in line with the National Development Plans, Harambee Prosperity Plans, Vision 2030, and Agenda 2063 for Sustainable Development,” she added.


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