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Empowering Survivors – overcoming sexual abuse and childhood trauma

Empowering Survivors – overcoming sexual abuse and childhood trauma

By Bernadette Nangutuuala and Albertina Kashuupulwa.
Tulip Media Consultancy.

The Oshana Regional Library hosted a poignant book reading ceremony on 10 June, to mark the launch of ‘The Untold: Overcoming Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma’.

The revised book, authored by Dr Albertina Nande, sheds light on the pressing issue of gender violence and childhood trauma while providing hope and guidance for survivors. The event drew attention to the urgent need for support systems and healing processes for those affected by these traumas.

Dr Nande conducted a powerful book reading, captivating the audience with her personal journey of healing, emphasising the relevance and timeliness of the book’s message.

“The Untold is not just a book, it is a conversation starter, a beacon of hope, and a lighter of the faint flame. It offers a message of hope, healing, forgiveness, and self-mastery,” she said.

The ceremony featured several esteemed speakers who shared their professional experiences and insights regarding abuse and trauma. Evilina Uahengo, speaking on her experiences as a social worker, highlighted the challenges faced by victims of abuse and childhood trauma.

She emphasised the importance of early detection and intervention. “Some victims of abuse bottle up their emotions, and these unresolved traumas can later manifest in behavioural problems and psychosomatic symptoms. It is crucial to pay attention to sudden changes in behaviour and seek help for those affected,” she stated.

Additionally, Dr Bubbles Udjombala provided insight into the medical approach to survivors of sexual abuse. She shared a deeply personal account of a rape case she encountered during her work as a medical officer. Her story shed light on the emotional impact and physical consequences suffered by survivors. Dr Udjombala stressed the importance of comprehensive care.

“As health professionals, our focus is to treat injuries, prevent disease and provide the necessary support and counselling to survivors,” she stated.

The book reading ceremony not only aimed to raise awareness but also served as a platform for survivors, professionals, and organisations to network and exchange ideas.

The book serves as a powerful resource providing guidance and support for survivors and shedding light on the interconnected nature of these issues. As Namibia strives to combat gender violence and promote healing, the book offers a glimmer of hope and a call to action for individuals and society as a whole.


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