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Public talk on Prehistoric Rock Art of the Sahara to be hosted by the Scientific Society

Public talk on Prehistoric Rock Art of the Sahara to be hosted by the Scientific Society

András Zboray will be giving a public talk on the Prehistoric Rock Art of the Sahara on 15 June at 19:00, at the Namibia Scientific Society.

The talk will provide a richly illustrated overview of the principal Saharan rock art areas and styles, as well as their chronology and their present-day environmental setting.

“Several interesting parallels may be drawn between Saharan and Namibian rock art, suggesting similar lifestyles and adaptation patterns to similar environmental challenges,” the Society said in a statement.

According to the Society, the Sahara was not always a hyper-arid desert as today, because in the mid-Holocene wetter conditions prevailed, enabling human settlement in an arid savannah environment, which closely resembled conditions of present-day Namibia.

“These ancient humans left innumerable traces of their presence in the form of engravings and painting over a period spanning at least 5 thousand years,” they emphasised

András Zboray has been studying Saharan rock art for over three decades, spending much of this time documenting the painted shelters in the Jebel Uweinat – Gilf Kebir region at the centre of the Libyan Desert, on the converging borders of present-day Egypt, Libya, and Sudan

He is the author of several publications on the subject, including the first to present, a robust absolute chronology for any rock art region of Northern Africa.


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