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Statistics Agency in need of 2837 vehicles ahead of census – Requests public’s assistance

Statistics Agency in need of 2837 vehicles ahead of census – Requests public’s assistance

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) is requesting individual vehicle owners to source them with their vehicles for the 2023 Census.

Statistic General and Chief Executive, Alex Shimuafeni said they need to acquire 2837 vehicles for the 4th Population and Housing Census taking place from 18 September until 3 November.

“Vehicles are to be sourced from individual owners throughout the country at the constituency level and vehicle owners or their assigned drivers will be responsible for driving their vehicles during the census,” he added.

He further said vehicle owners can register their vehicles at their respective constituency offices on behalf of the NSA.

“Documents required for registrations are certified copies of vehicle owner ID, certified vehicle ownership registration certificates, and if the owner is not the one registering the vehicle, a written consent signed by the owner and the person registering the vehicle is required, as well as certified copy of ID of the person registering the vehicle,” he said.

He said the NSA Regional Statisticians will collect these registration lists from the constituency officers between the 26 and 30 June.

“Vehicles should not be older than 10 years, must be either a 4×4 double cab or SUV, with or without a canopy, with or without trailers, must not have tinted windows, must not have stickers, slogans or colours bearing messages of political parties, religious or business institutions, and the tyres must not be older than 5 years,” said Shimuafeni.

Enquiries can be made to Fleet Officer, Fillipus Haivela at 061 431 3320 or [email protected].


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